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Company: uHUb


We are both fully qualified counsellors, registered with BACP and with specialisms in cognitive behavioural therapy, life coaching and working with children and adults with autism or those who have experienced trauma or bereavement. We also have years of experience working with adults suffering from anxiety, depression, phobic anxieties, trauma, bereavement issues and other mental health issues.

We are a fresh thinking and innovative social enterprise in North Down. Our uHub will provide a space for talking therapies, life coaching, CBT and also holistic therapies and yoga which will provide a complement to our talking work.

A capture all Digital Learning Solution provider that maximises learner retention and impacts the intended behaviours.

The Challenge

To create a digital mental health support platform to:

  1. Collect symptoms of emotional distress and risk assess
  2. Address lack of knowledge of the community, voluntary and private services by geographical area
  3. Provide a self help hub of resources to empower the user to take action to improve their mental health
  4. Signpost user to the right service at the right time
  5. Provide a hub of psychoeducation at each stage to inform the user, reduce anxiety and virtually hold the hand of the user as the platform encourages them to move back into their community
  6. Reduce wastage of community, voluntary and statutory resources by properly signposting and educating user

The Solution

The problems we were trying to address through the Techies in Residence Programme are:

  •  Loss of life by suicide in NI and increases in self harm (social). We have done this by providing a hub of resources to empower the user to take steps to better understand themselves and improve their mental health by encouraging self-help strategies and ideas.

    We have used a variety of medium to do this including videos, books, blogs, animations and downloadable resources. With psycho-education throughout the whole site, virtually holding the hand of the user and supporting them, as they make choices about what they feel they need to improve their mental health.

  • Misuse of statutory services (economic). By providing a signposting hub, where local community and voluntary organisations can
    advertise their services in a user friendly way, thus lessening the burden on statutory services such as GPs and hospitals. The psycho-education throughout aims to help users select the intervention that is appropriate to them at the time.

Lessons learned
Due to volume of content, this website will need moderated regularly and updated. This is time consuming and difficult practically when it isn’t generating a revenue to pay for our time.

We also learned that we need to apply our time and resources in a strategic way to ensure that the website can generate an income in the future. And in considering this project on these terms we have had to prioritise where we invest time and money, which we hadn’t considered before.