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The Challenge

Specialisterne NI have been trying to help more managers and team leaders in companies to have the opportunity to think differently about employees and team members who have a social communication difference. This is in response to unemployment statistics for Autistic people (estimated 86%), the experiences of Autistic people, and also feedback in focus groups where Autistic people identified other people’s perceptions as the main barrier they faced regarding being part of communities. Technology enables Specialisterne to reach more people than they currently can.

The Solution

Specialisterne and Logicearth have developed a prototype e-learning tool that captures a learning agent that has achieved perceptual change in relation to working with employees who have a social communication difference. They have used technology to develop a tool that captures participants’ instinctual (first) response, and offers an opportunity to select a new (or continued) response further to learning about Autistic people’s viewpoints.

This is exciting as, using technology in this way, captures key transformational aspects of the training:

  • participant’s responses are not judged as incorrect, which tends to close off the learning window
  • as a tool, it can be used for multiple variations of scenario based training, and across subject matters (not just Autism), which means it has potential to scale
  • it differentiated the learning tool from other e-learning currently available
  • free text has been included as an option for participants, which allows more control to participants, and future potential of more accurate analysis of learners’ perceptions of Autism at the start and end of the e-learning journey.