Old Library Trust

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The Challenge

One of The Old Library Trust’s (OLT) key area of work is addressing the issue of childhood obesity. The Trust has been delivering the SWEET programme for over 5 years. It is a family based childhood obesity prevention and management programme that adopts a community development approach working in the heart of communities the Western Health and Social Care Trust area. It is recognised as a model of good practice and is an active member of the EPODE international network (EIN) working towards giving all children the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

A major challenge is that OLT can only deliver 9 programmes a year reaching a maximum of 60 families. This does not create enough impact in the community and needs to be improved. Through Techies in Residence, the aim is to digitise the SWEET Project and make it a fun, interactive and enjoyable e-learning experience that could have a greater reach and bigger impact across the Western Trust. .

The Solution

Through working with Learning Pool, OLT has been moving their successful programme online, and benefiting from the expertise of Learning Pool to create an engaging and safe space. The process has involved cooking demos with David Meade, developing the frameworks and converting the years of expertise of the OLT team into a suitable e-learning format that will work with the targeted userbase. Paul McElvaney- founder of Learning Pool said of the project: “I’m a strong advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility, which we take very seriously at Learning Pool- we love to give back. From bake sales for charity, career enrichment to university scholarships, it’s pretty busy! We were approached with an overview of the programme and we thought it was a super opportunity to get involved in a local community imitative. The Learning Pool team are passionate about CSR, so working with George and his team to combat childhood obesity makes perfect sense for us. We can help scale the number of people who will benefit from the programme and we’re really excited about working with George and his team to make this come to life. We plan to include some video demonstrations on food preparation and making the module interactive and fun for the end users, as well as helping share it nationally to promote the Old Library Trust’s profile As this project has been so successful as a face to face workshop the biggest challenge is the transition to a digital platform.”