Greater Shantallow Arts Partnership

by | Jun 5, 2017 | 0 comments

The Challenge

Discussions and planning in the lead up to the UK City of Culture 2013 re-ignited an interest in how the local community in Shantallow might better celebrate the rich and varied heritage which exists in the Greater Shantallow area of Derry. Despite having a wealth of history and interesting stories to tell, these heritage assets are over-looked and under-appreciated, not featuring in any local tourist information, marketing or investment plans.

Working and liaising with other neighbourhoods, GSAP also recognised a lack of knowledge, awareness, understanding, interest, enjoyment of, investment in and marketing of the rich heritage available in many local neighbourhoods. and subsequently many communities are unaware of the potential exploitation of their heritage for social, community and economic benefit.

The Solution

The Partnership has been slowly working on mapping assets, having conversations with key stakeholders and developing a proposal to establish a strategic heritage project – a heritage trail that celebrates the diverse heritage of Greater Shantallow by a) using digital interpretation as a means of telling local stories, b) enhancing local educational, skills and knowledge base, c) growing community tourism through social enterprise and d) extending the city-wide offer and adding to the ‘Derry’ story.

The team knew that the use of digital technology would considerably enhance the project’s impact and that’s where the intervention of a ‘techie in residence’ was vital. Being paired with OLI has enabled GSAP to develop and learn about the processes to build a functioning prototype app that can showcase the area’s heritage assets to key stakeholders. It was agreed that the solution to the ‘problem’ would have two key elements – a) a digital solution / prototype app developed by OLI based on their award winning app platform, b) content – developed by the GSAP team, initially a 7-point heritage trail to showcase the potential of the app and the “North Townlands Heritage Trail”.