We get to work with excellent tech talent, solving social challenges, and now we sit down with Damien Caldwell from Damgeo, who is working closely with uHub.

  • Tell me a little about yourself and your organisation

I am a digitisation consultant for DAMGEO LTD, we specialise in the conversion of processes, content and learning into engaging and interactive digital experiences: https://damgeo.co.uk

  • What attracted you to the Techies in Residence Programme?

It was recommended by an old colleague that now works for Work West Enterprise Agency (Helen Lunny).

  • What attracted you to working with (the organisation you’re working with)?

Initially it was suggested by Clare McGee, once I realised the amazing aim of this web application and met the team at the residential there was no turning back.  Cara and Pam are a force of nature and have been brilliant at delivering all comms and the message that I need to digitise from the start, they are never afraid to say they don’t like something, but always have an enhancement suggestion, which is all a developer can ask for when designing a solution like this in such an agile way within a pretty tight timeframe.

  • Tell us a little about what’s exciting about this project?

Working with 2 people that are doing this because they care and have no interest in profit or what they actually get in return.  Cara and Pam have been an inspiration to me, in the computing/digital world it is all about profit margins and networking to win contracts.  They are making me see what is over the commercial proposition, which has just been an amazing experience for me and the company.

  • What challenges do you think you’re going to face in this process?

This solution has vast potential, the initial challenge is realising what is possible in this programme, however, we also want to push forward the other items outside scope of this phase that could make this app very special and become a universal solution to mental health issues.

  • What scope do you see for your solution beyond Northern Ireland?

Mental health issues are not exclusive to NI, with consideration of languages and localised content coming through automated APIs there is no reason why this is not shippable to anywhere in the world.