We’re working with some of the best organisations across the VCSE sector in Northern Ireland through Techies in Residence. We asked each of them their views on why they got involved in the project, and what they want to get out of it.

The Old Library Trust Healthy Living Centre (OLT) is a place that provides something for everyone regardless of age, ability or background. We pledge to work with you to overcome any barriers impacting on your health & wellbeing and help you on your journey to a healthier happier life

One of The Old Library Trusts key area of work is addressing the issue of childhood obesity. The Old Library Trust has been carrying out some great work over the last 5 years in addressing the issue of childhood Obesity with the delivery of The SWEET Programme. The SWEET Programme is a family based childhood obesity Prevention and management programme that adopts a community development approach working in the heart of communities on the ground across the Western Health and social care Trust area. The SWEET project is recognised as a model of good practice and is an active member of the world renown EPODE international network working towards giving all children the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

Our challenge is that funding/ staffing dictates that we can only deliver 9 programmes a year reaching a minimum of 60 families and we feel we need to achieve greater impact.

Through the Tecchies in Residence programme our aim is to move SWEET forward in this digital age. The opportunity to work alongside a well-established partner in the digital industry would see the SWEET project move to a Fun, interactive and enjoyable e-learning platform that could have a greater reach and bigger impact across the Western Trust initially, Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.

Currently the only Technology the OLT utilises is for general day to day office and administration. Marketing and promotion and monitoring and evaluation in terms of computer, laptops, software applications, Microsoft Office, emails, Skype, Facebook & Twitter as well as a comprehensive data collection tool.

The Tecchies in residence programme can hopefully serve as a pilot and show the OLT Board of directors and management the importance of adopting Technology and moving the organisation forward into the future.